Evernham has long been known as one of the most loyal brand ambassadors in the automotive industry, with several partnerships still intact for more than 15 years. From marketing campaigns to hospitality at events, Ray is a dynamic brand representative with a very authentic personality.



Ray is a true American success story, coming from meager beginnings racing at small race tracks across the northeastern US to winning championships at the highest levels of motorsport and completely changing the way NASCAR teams are structured. Evernham has delivered keynote speeches for Fortune 500 companies all over the United States.



Due to his vast experience in the racing and automotive industries, Evernham is able to provide an authentic and knowledgeable perspective on a variety of topics. Ray has been a NASCAR analyst for almost every major sporting news outlet, hosted and Executive Produced his own television series, and served as voice talent and a consultant for one of the most prominent movie franchises in history, Cars 3.





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